Megan Zwerlein  - Boulder College of Massage Therapy, 2000, Honors

Megan believes that finding ways to combat our daily stressors is  essential to living a healthy and happy life.  She has found that  incorporating massage therapy into one's routine is a great way to  combat stress and increase awareness of one's current mental and  physical state.   In the 19 years she has been practicing massage  therapy, Megan has learned to view each client. as an individual, ​listening not only to what concerns they speak of,  but also what their bodies convey.  A blend of deep tissue techniques,  therapeutic Swedish relaxation massage, and Reiki Energy set her apart  from the rest.  It is with great pleasure that she brings these services  to the massage table and finds gratitude in providing a quiet,  nurturing space for deep relaxation and a break for her clients from  their stressful lives. Gift certificates, chair massage ad massage parties also available.

Contact:  203-414-6818 or or


Corinne L. Vizzo-Ganim - Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy

Owner, Holistic Massage for Vitality LLC
Member In Good Standing of American Massage Therapy Assn.

Corinne specializes in Deep Tissue and Swedish massage customized to  each individual.  She also practices at the spa at The Delamar,  Southport and volunteers doing massage at sporting events, especially at  the CT Challenge – Mission ride for cancer survivors.

“I have a  passion for Deep Tissue Sports massage, and also enjoy doing the  lightest touch Swedish massage for deep relaxation.” - Corinne

Contact:  (203) 615-4045 or


Nina Lewis - Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, 2017, Valedictorian 
Active Member of American Massage Therapy Assn

Nina specializes in Relaxation Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Sports Massage.

“I  have always loved being able to help people feel better. Massage is a  wonderful vehicle for emotional release through soft tissue/muscle work.  When our body relaxes, so does our mind and vice versa.”

Contact:  203-913-8180 or


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Judy Sullivan - Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, 2007

Judy loves giving and receiving massage.  Her modalities include  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre-natal and Hot Stone.  She loves working with  clients and making them more aware of their bodies and what their body  is telling them, with the goal of making them feel better when they get  off the massage table.  "I want to give from my heart through my hands",  which is what one client has told her she does.  Judy is excited to be  part of the wonderful team at Black Rock Pilates and Physical Therapy.

Contact:  (203) 218-1691 or