Meet our Instructors


Laura Pennock - PMA®-CPT, Balanced Body Master Instructor & Studio Owner

Make your body a place you want to live” has been Laura’ s motto since starting to study Pilates in 1983 after recovering from dance-related injuries. Her ability to combine Joseph Pilates’ wisdom and modern research helps her teach clients to safely mobilize and stabilize their bodies, often reaching and surpassing their own fitness goals. Laura is acutely aware of the physical and non-physical toll injury and illness takes on the body and is determined to help her clients achieve their movement potential.

A graduate of California Institute of The Arts, Laura has been fully certified in Pilates by the Physical Mind Institute in New York City since 2001. She is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and her mentors have included Deborah Lessen, Madeline Black, Doris Pasteleur Hall and Irene Dowd.

Doris Pasteleur Hall, PMA-CPT

Doris has been a student and a teacher of movement, including dance, Pilates and yoga, for over 30 years. Her complementary research into the somatic modalities of Laban, Body-Mind Centering, Anatomy in Clay and kinetic anatomy have fostered and augmented her interest in the body-mind embodiment. She attended the first Body language from Kinesis done in New York City with Tom Meyers, author of Anatomy Trains. She continues to teach Pilates independently specializing with injuries and pain.

Doris strives to continuously hone her teaching abilities to help people get from where they are to where they want to be. She has studied and taught at Carol Trier’s Pilates studio.  She also taught at White Cloud, New York, the first Gyrotonic studio from 1988-1993.  She has been teaching teachers since 1997 through the PhysicalMind Institute and now internationally workshops to teachers about the body.

Robyn DeFonce, PMA-CPT

Robyn believes that practicing Pilates gives the body the perfect foundation for all daily activities and athletic pursuits. An instructor since 2011, she combines her interest in wellness with an affinity for guiding others to make connections within their own bodies.

Robyn is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher, and has completed over 600 hours of comprehensive training on all of the Pilates equipment through Balanced Body and the Kane School. A certified TRX and AFAA Fitness Instructor, she continues her education through workshops including anatomy, back care, pre/post natal, active aging and cancer recovery.

Ashley Miller, CPT

Ashley has been practicing Pilates for over 8 years - her mission to harmonize body, mind and spirit led her on her journey to become certified as an instructor. Pilates has allowed her to channel her love of working with people and fitness while sharing the positive effects that Pilates has had on her life and to help others achieve the same.  Ashley has a very energetic personality and is a firm believer that any movement is good. She  earned her certification through Balanced Body Pilates and continues her education through various workshops and trainings.

Annick Moreau, CPT

Annick Moreau was born and raised in France. A dancer and ballet teacher, her career brought her to Las Vegas, NV, where she worked with Cirque du Soleil for 7 years. After suffering a back injury, she discovered Pilates and realized how much it helped her to strengthen. She decided to become an instructor and did her certification with DK Body Balancing Method, UNLV. Since 2005 she has enjoyed teaching Pilates, helping clients to feel good and strong, physically and mentally.

Sara Sessions, PMA-CPT

Sara Sessions is a movement educator and PMA Certified Pilates Teacher.  She was introduced to the Pilates Method at the St. Francis Memorial Hospital Sports Medicine division in San Francisco for injury prevention exercise during her professional dance career. Certified by exercise physiologist Jennifer Stacey at Peak Performance and Madeline Black for PhysicalMind, Sara oversaw the Pilates studio for the San Francisco Ballet. While a senior instructor at Reebok Sports Club/ NY, she served as adjunct faculty for Marymount Manhattan College’s Fitness Professional Certification program and was featured in Pilates Style magazine. Teaching since 1999, Sara works with dancers, athletes, and populations ranging in age from 10 to 87. Her ongoing study of the body and movement has led her to trainings in Gyrotonic, Tom Myer’s Anatomy Trains, and the F.A.M.I. workshop in anatomy and dissection. Sara is a licensed teacher of Buff Bones® research-supported bone health education and exercise. Sara lives in Weston with her husband and 2 dogs.


Anne Lee, PMA-CPT

Anne discovered Pilates later in her career and exercise life. After many years working in Information Technology she found herself in living Asia, retired, and taking pilates lessons as a client. To better understand what Pilates was all about, she trained to be a teacher, eventually becoming certified by Polestar to teach mat, Reformer and all the rest of the studio equipment. In 2013 she and her husband moved back to Fairfield after 15 years overseas and Anne furthered her training by becoming PMA Certified. Anne has enjoyed becoming part of the Black Rock Pilates family. She is convinced Pilates can be beneficial to anyone at any age so it's the perfect movement to practice for life. 

Laura Beare, CPT

Laura Beare has taught Pilates, yoga and dance at Fairfield University, Bates College, Florida State University, and Salem State University.  She has also spent the past seven years teaching at various wellness studios  in Fairfield County.  Laura has taught anatomy and injury management to yoga teacher trainees, and directed the therapeutic yoga program at Spaulding Hospital Outpatient Center in Cambridge, MA.  

She holds Pilates certifications from the Kane School for Core Integration and Half Moon Pilates, as well as a 200-hour teaching certification from YogaWorks.  She also completed her MA in dance at Florida State University, where her graduate research focused on dance conditioning, kinesiology and women's fitness practices.

Meredith Anand, CPT

Meredith has been a student of movement and the body for many years.  Meredith earned a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences from Mount Holyoke College and while in attendance was a collegiate NCAA DIII cross country and track and field athlete.  She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2004 and is still currently working as a PT.  Her practice in and love for Pilates began after the birth of her second child and grew into an excellent balance to her passion for running.  In addition to Pilates, she is also a TRX certified instructor.  Meredith lives in Easton with her husband and three young children.  In her limited free time she still enjoys running and competing in local road races, playing tennis and keeping up with all of her family's activities.

Jayne Miller, CPT

Jayne’s interest in Pilates began as an after school hobby at a young age. She noticed how quickly she had become strong, flexible, and energetic and wanted to share this incredible experience with others. In 2014 she began her teacher training with Balanced Body Pilates, taught for several years at Black Rock Pilates as an Apprentice and Post-Apprentice, and in 2018 became a fully certified instructor.  Throughout her journey, she learned how to make Pilates the perfect foundation for all life's movements and has gained a reputation as an energetic and sought-after instructor.  Jayne continues to explore her love for Pilates every day and hopes to continue helping people find confidence and joy in their lives.

Tricia Warner, PMA-CPT

Tricia Warner is a certified Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Pilates teacher and Polestar Rehabilitation Practitioner. She received her Bachelors of Science and Masters of Education at Springfield College, MA. Tricia is also an Occupational Therapist with 17 years of experience specializing in physical rehabilitation, as well as a LANA certified lymphedema therapist specializing in cancer rehabilitation. Tricia has practiced Pilates for many years and believes that healing is facilitated through movement. Tricia can work with clients to rehabilitate after an injury or illness, modify therapeutic exercise for people who have limitations, or take an athlete to the next level. With her husband and two boys she enjoys outdoor recreation and music.


Claire Mastromonaco, CPT

Claire enrolled at the Graham School of Contemporary Dance at age 15 and studied under Pearl Lang, Stuart Hodes, Bertram Ross, Peggy Lyman, and Martha Graham; she continues her studies there today.  Always expanding her knowledge, she studied with Irmgard Bartenieff, Irene Dowd and Debra McCall at the Laban Institute of Movement Studies and at Harvard’s Summer Dance program with Gary Masters and Fred Matthews, majored in dance at Marymount Manhattan, and received a scholarship at the Alvin Ailey School.  Claire widened her understanding of the body and movement by becoming a certified massage therapist in 1992 and a Pilates Instructor in 2015.

Casey Sylvestro (on leave)

Casey received her comprehensive certification through Core Pilates NYC in 2008 and loves that teaching supports others to define their muscles and fitness goals as well as redefine themselves.  Core Pilates' certification program provided a strong foundation in all apparatus Pilates, knowledge of anatomy and a background in special cases and pre-natal Pilates. Teaching at Black Rock has allowed Casey to expand on her classical style, teaching alongside other amazing instructors with unique styles

Megan Bascom (on leave)

Megan is a fun and cheerful true Florida Native. She received her Pilates certification through the Kane School of Core Integration in NYC and her BA in Dance Studies focusing on Dance Injury and Prevention from the University of South Florida. Megan has had a passion for anatomy for as long as she can remember, and enjoys sharing her anatomy knowledge with clients to help them better understand exercises and how the body moves. Her experience as a dancer provides her with a detailed sense of movement, allowing her to facilitate a thorough movement experience and workout for each client. Megan is currently pursuing her MFA at the University of Michigan and continues to perform and choreograph for her Brooklyn-based modern dance company that she has worked with since 2003.